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The commodities market monitor is a real time view of price movements for the commodities available for trade through the Exchange's trading platform. Access to historical price data can be obtained by subscribing for our market research package here.
Reports & Documents

AFEX reports are created by a team of dedicated researchers who study commodity prices across markets, key drivers for commodity supply and demand, and trends in the market, distilling and arranging all this data to ensure that it makes the most sense to the people seeking out information on the market to guide investment decisions.

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AFEX products

The products and services leading the way to a future where Africa feeds itself. Explore our wide variety of products and services below.

Access & Retention

AFEX provides solutions to problems of farmer identification, productivity and benefit sharing. Our products in this category include services and structured programmes that lead to higher productivity and returns for farmers and investors respectively.

Big Data & Analytics

The products under this category focus on granular data capture and analysis for investors in agricultural commodities. Clients for the products and platform in this category gain valuable insights that can help them assess and manage production and price risk for the sector.

Efficient Markets

AFEX built a platform that facilitates effective trade and settlement on commodity transactions. The platform supports securitization and structured trade finance for agricultural commodities, which allows investors diversify their portfolios with innovative commodity-backed products.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions we get asked a lot answered by some of our Xperts. If you can't find your specific query here, send us an email at

How was AFEX established?

AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited (AFEX)Nigeria was established in Nigeria in 2014 through a Public Private Partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) to establish a Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) and Commodities Exchange for Nigeria. AFEX secured its license as a Commodities Exchange in compliance with the Investments & Securities Act, 2007 and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rules & Regulations in March 2015 and is the first private-sector led and funded Commodities Exchange in Nigeria and across West and Central Africa.

What does AFEX do?

We enable the transition from production to transaction for agriculture commodities. AFEX Nigeria provide solutions to farmer’s challenges in aggregation, storage and financial inclusion. AFEX Nigeria generates agri-finance data, intelligence, and deal flow to increase private sector investment in commodities.

What are the products offered by AFEX?

  1. Forward Contracts
  2. Exchange Traded Commodities
  3. Input Program
  4. Asset Backed Commercial Paper
  5. AFEX Commodity Index
  6. AFEX Collateral Management
  7. AFEX Repo/Buy Back
AFEX technical capabilities

We pride ourselves as the leader in commercial storage and collateral management services in the country with a strong focus on preserving the integrity of the underlying assets and also managing the risk of our clients.

Why become a member?

We are an organized and efficient platform within which financial market participants can actively participate in the commodities markets. Our Members are from diverse firms and interest groups, ranging from the farmers, dealers, market regulators, market makers, investors, brokers and other interested participants. As a Member of AFEX, you gain access to one of Africa’s leading and largest commodities exchanges

Who can apply to be a member?

Any individual/institution can become a member. You can become a member whether you’re a farmer, a private investor looking to diversify your portfolio, a business or intermediary seeking capital, or a public agency or philanthropic foundation looking to make your funds go further. As a member you will join a global community of institutions and businesses dedicated to increasing the livelihood of smallholder farmers and driving capital to where it is needed most.

What benefit does AFEX offer to its members?

AFEX offers its members a combination of the following benefits:

  • Data & Intelligence: Original content that builds the evidence base for Agri-finance and supports practitioners in their efforts to execute transactions, including access to data on past finance transactions, trend reports, region and sector briefs.
  • Deal Flow: An online deal and investor matchmaking platform for investors and those seeking capital to connect on finance deals.
How much does membership cost?

Membership fees are due annually and are dependent on type. Read more on our membership categories here.

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