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Obianuju OkaforObianuju Okafor

Beyond deciding that you need a website redesign for your brand lies the mental work that goes into making up your mind about what you need to keep from the old and what you absolutely have to have in a new site that will justify the commitment of different types of resources, ranging from time to money. AFEX recently wrapped up one of such projects, trading in our older website for what we like to call AFEX’s new home.

One of the key things that defined our design philosophy as we got into the project is the fact that we wanted two things front and center – the internal culture that makes us such an effective company and the data on events along the value chains we operate in, which we gather as we provide solutions for agriculture in Nigeria, making risks measurable and allowing investors to plug into a market for agricultural commodities.

The paragraphs below featured in our design philosophy document for the website, and show that our focus was ultimately on users while getting into the redesign.

“We envision two main groups as users of our website – people who come to the site with a purpose in mind (they are investors or clients who have interacted with the brand before and want to access our reports, stories and price lists) and people who are browsing or shopping around and land on the page curious (they have neither met the brand nor do they know much about the sector that we play in).

We want the website to equip the purpose group with an interface that makes their information search interesting and furnishes them with various views as they search through our historical data. For the curious, we want a website that draws them in from the landing page with a large vision and character stories that make AFEX offerings easy to understand and subscribe to.

Ensuring that everything on the site is two clicks away is one of the major goals that we have for this redesign. The end product also needs to show AFEX’s sweet-spot – a mixture of agriculture, finance and tech solutions.”

AFEX’s new home provides visitors with a more in-depth view of our brand and makes it easier to understand the full view of our work along three key areas: Access and Retention, Big Data and Analytics, and Efficient Markets. We believe that creating and enabling stakeholders to access solutions around these three core concepts will ensure that AFEX fulfills its vision of co-creating solutions to help Africa feed itself.

AFEX website home page view

Home page for new AFEX website

Need to see in AFEX’s New Home

Prices! Prices! Prices!

One of our goals at AFEX is to make price data on commodities readily available to the market to foster the transparency that is necessary to drive financing into Nigerian agriculture. The price ticker deployed on the bottom fold of each page of our website furnishes the need for daily price updates for the six crops that are available for trade on the Exchange’s platform. Users who need further information on price trends can also access weekly and monthly reports on our market page.

Trybe Members

AFEX has an incredible team that makes all the magic happen behind the scenes. Visitors to the new site get to see the team responsible for executing the vision: the Trybe members who embody our core values of empathy, excellence and execution.

Mission, Vision and how we’ve Done

To understand our work at AFEX it’s necessary to know our vision and mission, which is proudly featured on the about us page of the website. Just below that is also a slide that documents our milestones proudly displaying our history and the incredible impact we have been able to have within that time.

Solutions and Products

Our solutions and products are leading the way to a future where Africa feeds itself. We give a brief on the available products under each of the core solution areas mentioned above, allowing producers, processors and investors to subscribe to the AFEX products that fit their needs.

We are as committed as ever to making information about the growth and development of Nigeria’s commodity market accessible, and exploring our website will certainly give investors, processors and producers valuable insights into the market. With that commitment in mind, we would just like to say, welcome to AFEX’s new home and please stay as long as you like.

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